Saturday, 9 July 2011

We start with a blank sheet and some assumptions

Starting with a globe and a number of assumptions we have come to realise once you start refurbishing a room, you can better do a whole new design, since you cannot renew only one aspect of the room. It simply won't fit. Or the rest of the room will look terribly out of place. 

And so it is with history. We have worked for 100s of years to get solid picture of the history of our civilization. Once you start taking one piece out, for example the Middle Ages, what comes after and what came before is affected by it too.

And yet that piece, the Middle Ages, has been a thorn in my eye for a very long time. It just didn't make sense the stories of barbarians in the beginning of this period, trespassing the boundaries of our modern welfare state and settling there to begin what was to become to glorious history of my beautiful country all out of nothing.

On the other end of the scale I was so very impressed with the final bold attempt of someone like Anatoly Fumenko to question it all. That is all the evidence of our established history from scientific, mathematical, astrological and documentary point of view. But as good a job as Fumenko did deconstructing the reliability of our history as poor a job he did in reconstructing it. After questioning it all, all that remained were questions.

Hence there is no claim that any attempts on these pages to retrieve a reliable factual tale of the history of our civilization is going to succeed. It does not seem possible, because there is no documentary evidence whatsoever. This blog is just a journey with the pieces of cloth left to try to make a sensible redesign based on the idea that the real facts are available even if the direction of our understanding of them is misguided.

So here we have our first axiom!

If elements of history are misguided and deliberately misrepresented, when understanding the motivation if this, it is possible to retrieve to real state of affairs.

If you don't like it. Well, that is no problem. There is no need to tell us. If you do like it and actually have some desire to tell us that a piece of cloth we put somewhere, actually would in a sensible way better look somewhere else, please do tell us. If you just want to follow the path we have undertaken on this blog and feel inspired by the mere thought of the possibilities, then 'great!' stay with us!

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