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Pepin Orsini vision

Pepin Orsini vision

With the Pepin Orsini dynasty the Franco-Roman order of history was set, which did not go unchallenged. Not only Byzantium firmly resisted, but perhaps underestimated, the vision of the Pepins. Also in the West not only the Lombardi viewed the attempts with great scepticism. Also the Bataves in the North were not charmed and resisted the attempts at curbing the freedoms of the Northern Peoples. In fact the Pepins threw Western Europe into a long frenzy of wars, which lasted to our day and age. 

We have to be somewhat sceptical about the missionary efforts of the new Franco Roman kingdom, claiming to have 'christianized' Western Europe. Christianity was around a lot longer, just not in the intolerant version as promoted by the Pepins and their Roman church. 

Moreover the Monastery became an important educational and military cell as initiated by Carloman, the first Pope of the new Roman Church. For this to be successful the ties with the Byzantine imperial church had to be cut and the West had to be isolated from the rest of the empire and the world, which is indeed what happened. 

We make a serious mistake if we assume that the Moors in Charles Martel's day were as religion comparable with modern Islam as even the New Roman Church established by the Pepins was far from comparable with what is now Roman Catholicism. 

When Charlemagne wished to be called David by his intimate circle it becomes clear where the primacy according to him was in the newly established order. When Charlemagne presided over Church councils he did just that what the Byzantine Emperor did. When Pepin the Short's brother Carloman relinquished his part of the empire for a spiritual function, both most likely assumed had chosen the most powerful part. 

We greatly suspect that when Charles Martel subdued the Moores in the Southern of France that he made a pact with them with the clear task of the Moores (or offer to them so to speak) to keep the Byzantium empire at bay. In fact the Moors would take over many features of the Byzantine empire in the coming centuries as long as they kept Western Europe isolated to enable it to put forth is own Novus Ordo.

There exists an interesting discovery when Napoleon seized the Pope in the 19th century. When he took with him the Papal Chair which had been in Rome since the time of Charlemagne and allegedly was the Chair where St. Peter had sat upon, he discovered that the chair contained an inscription referring to 'Allah' and it is indeed not impossible that Charles Martel obtained the chair when he subdued the Moors. 

The name Orsini comes from Bear and the Bear has been linked with Charles Martel and the Pepins through the legend of Charles Martel killing a bear in his youth. The Pepins from that time took the attributes of the Bear. The name 'Ors' could also be rearranged to Rose another attribute in the heraldry of the Orsini.

The Orsini who were Bobone in older days hence are closely linked to the Pepins and most likely to Carloman. It is clear that without a Roman dynasty which linked to the Frankish Pepins Western civilization would not have developed the way it did. 

The first Stephen elected bishop of Rome died before being installed. The second Stephen (Bobone Orsini) until Adrian I had one clear vision, with the help of the Frankish Pepins to throw of the yoke of the Byzantine Emperor and the Exarchs in Ravenna. 

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