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The rosecrucian movement - these are not organisations after the 18th century that go under a rosecrucian banner - remains active in a certain country for approximately 100 years after which it becomes dormant and rises again in another country. 

Largest tomb of
Christianity. Why
a heretic Pope?
1417 Florence

The movement set up in Florence with the focus of activity in Germany as revenge for the treatment of John XXIII by the catholic Emperor. Focus is on guiding the Renaissance. The Florentine Church of John the Baptist is a magnificent Monument and testimony to the level of skills and artistry of this time. The Renaissance would put this level of artistry forwards in time and all other artistry backwards in time to create an illusion of superiority. Venice and Florence created the corporate model and for this entirely new words and languages had to be created. Latin was established as code of law.

1517 Germany

The creation of Protestantism not to be understood as anti-Catholicism but as political counter-weight to direct the political goals of the Papacy and keep them on track of the 'golden Horde'.

1617 the Netherlands

William of Orange is welcomed in Brussels as liberator and embodiment of the Republic of the Provinces of the Netherlands. Setup to the model of the republic of Florence and Venice, which is the corporate model. The image is full of symbolism, including the hand of William of Orange, which is held against the chest partly under his vestment concealing the thumb. William of Orange is here displayed as the nautonnier carrying on the legacy of anti-Pope John.

1717 England
Robert Fludd and
Ignatius of Loyola

Organisation of the free masonic movement as a movement for 'ordinary' people answering to an unknown architect as United Grand Lodge of England and creation of Royal Society for Sciences incorporating normal people and human achievement.
Note that Ignatius of Loyola's Jesuits are created by Cardinals from Venice to stear Roman Catholics in the same direction. But they also represent an attempt by the Papacy to coupe control from the Rosecrucian movement.

1817 France

Organisation of public civil law. People become civilians and herewith are incorporated. To incorporate the Papacy into the same model Napolean kidnapped and held for prisoner Pope Pius VI. Consequently incorporation and then emancipation of the Papacy. Napoleon's hiding of his full hand makes it the more obvious. 

1917 United States of America

The 20th century focus on the Incorporation of America and the unification of Europe. Until very recently the American Presidents didn't warm up to hand signs, they meant business. To avoid detection, but also because it really wasn't their piece of cake, American Corporates and Presidents are portraited only with their heads only. But America was from the beginning setup as a Rocecrucian Eutopia to the model of Florence and the Netherlands.

John XXIII 2nd.
For a brief time the Papacy and the Rosecrucian movements are combined in the 20th Century. Another John XXIII. 

Carried forward until John Paul II when the Papacy lost the plot again through mismanagement. Benedict XVI is not a Rosecrucian Nauticus. He no longer has the privilege of wearing a Tiara. 

2017 Middle East

Global Corporate Order.

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