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Horde of the 12th/13th century..

Achievements of the Horde
in 12th/13th century Europe

Traditional history likes the idea that the Mongol conquerors lived in tents and Europe - under 1000 year guidance of the Papacy - had a flourishing civilisation. 

The contrary seems quite true. Immediately after the Batu Khan had taken over the eastern part of Europe, trade cities sprang up all over Europe. Those trade cities form concentric circles, if you take Novgorod as its centre:

There were no cities, no defence obstacles in Europe at the time and therefore Europe fell more or less into Batu Khan's hand. Until that time houses were built from wood, not bricks. The invading 'barbarians' brought with them the  building expertise and the math, just as the Vikings had done before them. But... the Vikings were just a first manifestation of the White Russian Horde.  Universities sprang up at the same time. Paris and Oxford, both given statutes - hence given order - by Innocent III, whatever they would have done before, they were no Universities. 

The Roman curia in its present form was established also by Innocent III and not by coincidence is that a Russian word: kuren meaning the same.  The same with the word order, which is the Russian word Horde. And order extended as we saw to cities, universities and under Ivan Chan III = i.e. Innocent III, also to religious communities. Hence it was this man who more or less ordered all religious orders, except for the already existing Benedictine communities. No wonder all of European monarchs payed tribute to this great prince. 

Except England - with the establishment of the Magna Charta - tried to keep its own order. Innocent III responds with fury and does not tolerate the blatant copy - but amendment and inclusion of lower ranks of nobility - of his order. But then England came to see itself as refuge for the fallen Byzantine law and order. 

For the great Khan, the curia, was a family affair and not something for the common man. It is good to see the nepotism of the papacy in those days from this angle. 

There is an interesting list of popes, which really only came into circulation around 1590. Its list only started around 1150 and gave 112 popes until the end. In 1590 an Irish monk with the name Malachy was attached to it.  

But what if the list was in fact historical and only gave the real list of popes for the west? Because before that date the popes did reside in the east? or even Alexandria, where the real st. Peter had died? 

Is there any coincidence with the fact the list starts with the establishment of the Latin Empire of Byzantium? And when Batu Khan started his conquest of Europe he has some sudden change of heart and selects a totally different course to establish his order in Europe. 

He creates an entire new vehicle. Or one thing just led to the other. Claiming the authority to appoint bishops and laying down orders on any religious community and calling for crusades against communities that would not comply. There was no place in that vision for a head of the Church in the East. From now on it was he.  

This was Western Papacy in the making. 

A power struggle of 100s of years started from there, which with the reformation was won by the European princes, but the Horde could survive this under the wings of the Papacy. 

Golden & White
Horde of the Vatican
For now though, the popes of the times wandered about. They were not in Italian Rome! Until finally the French princes gave them refuge in Avignon in exchange for doing away with the Knights Templar. But where ever the popes of those days held their courts, they were called 'the House of Batu Khan', i.e. the Vatican...

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