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The British Edda

In the far off Iceland over eight centuries ago parchment manuscripts were found which well anticipated the stories of the Old Testament written in epic verse a couple of hundreds of years before Shakespeare wrote his plays and the King James version of the bible appeared. 

Know ye yet the edda
know ye yet it all?

It tells the story of Adam and Eve in a form which is much more historical as the stories of the Old Testament. Having come to life magnificently in the edition by L.A. Waddell he even comments: "The edda is historic, not only in the sense in which epic poetry in general is historic." "The historicity of the Eddic personages and events is attested both by pre-Roman British monuments and coins and by the ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, Hittite, Phoenician, Egyptian, Indian and Greek inscribed sculptures and literary remains."

Adam Thor
Adam's world is a gothic world centred around the foundation of the city of Troyes at the Bosporus, which Adam-Thor as the historical king Dardanus founded and from which he spread his mission of parliamentary government and scientific education to the human races of his day: Dwarfs, Edenites, Asas (Goths),
Elfs,  Brimis, Bluelegs, Lyons and Wolves.

How shall we shield the dwarfs
and shape them into people
Both from the Brimis blood
and from the blue legs. (scene III)

   The Dwarf chiefs were the first to be admitted to the Parliament (or round table) and the Edda tells us they were 'O' the Lion kindred'. The goat (later replaced by the Unicorn) and the Lion are the oldest heraldic symbols and very much connected to the Byzanthine Empire, with its capital Troy or Constantinople. 

The Asas hit upon
 the Vale of (Mount) Ida
A Holy Land I see there lying,
nursed by the Asa and their Elfs
E'en in Thrud Hame (Troad)
Shall the Thor race be
until the ripping up
of royal rulers

The Hame of Thrud or Jerudz is the capital of the Holy Land Jerusalem! At least according to the Edda!

Then the Edda relates how AdamThor proceeds in civilizing the Wolf tribe or Edenites, who are not so easily subdued. The Wolf chief Wodan with his consort and high priestess Ymi or Gummi.

Early it was of old
that Ymi bigg'd herself in Eden
Aware was she of no sand nor sea
Nor of cool swelling waves
Nor of other trives on earth
Nor of heaven above
Aware was she only of Gunning Gulf

Edenite Wolf 
The Edenites then were a cave dwelling people and the Edda relates that their serpent cult of El was the only religious cult on earth until AdamThor started to give science and light to the various peoples. 

Ymi or Gummi had nuns or vestal virgins gathered around her and the Edda tells how Eve was one of them and it was Ymi who thought out the idea that instead of being colonized by AdamThor it would be better to give Eve, who was considered her daughter, in marriage to AdamThor. 

Eve though was not of Edenite descent, but was a Gothic vestal virgin in the religious cult of Wodan. As high priestess in that cult, she had been one of the wives of the Chief. As a Goth she was tall and beautiful.

Genghis Khan now claims descent from Borte Chino (blue grey wolf) and his wife Gua Maral (beautiful fallow doe). Wodan or Vrodan the Wolf then is none other than Borte Khan the original ancester of the Khans of the family of the Borjids. 

The fallow doe (female deer) did not live in Mongolia, but did originate from Turkey, which is as much as saying that Gua Maral was of Gothic descent. Gua is Even and Mar of El becomes Mar of Ya or Mary.

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